A Week in the Life. Thursday. 091809.

The rain yesterday ruined our plans for the State Fair.
Underdog on the TV while eating breakfast.
hot shower for jude.
sleepy, sleepy bing.
Lots of phonecalls between both my moms and my sister.
Story Hour @ the library.
Fast Food for dinner.
Harriet Tubman story @ bedtime.

3 people took the time to say:

tara pollard pakosta said...

I feel drained this week though not sure whY! we ate out twice and had pizza in one night. what is going on with me ? LOL!
I LOVE all of these! esp. the storytime one and her throwing a fit! I hope today goes better for you ash! hugs from your friend t!

erika said...

love the collage with words.
I am going to do this.
I love the happy at your place.
How do that always happen?
One thing = ten in target speak.

kanishk said...

what is going on with me ?
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