A Week in the Life. Wednesday. Day 3. 09162009

This dude has been everywhere with me.
I slowed down a bit today because Tuesday kind of
exhausted me, plus its been rainy and rainy means lazy and cozy.

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This is what it looks every morning while they finish up breakfast and watch cartoons or a movie. The movie on today was "The Iron Giant" and Sandler said he loved it.

A peek inside their backpacks.
Bing's favorite color is blue, Jude's yellow.
Thats also the color of their Bento boxes. I just started putting their Bento boxes inside of their lunch box because I wanted to keep their juices/yogurts cold.

This is the time each morning that we go outside to the end of the driveway and wait for the bus.
The bus arrives @ 645 - and the boys run up and down our long hilly driveway and play and giggle and wrestle and occasionally skin their knees.

This is what Marley wore while she ate breakfast and watched Dora and the Backyardigans while I did the dishes, made beds and put a load of laundry in.
Let me be clear - this is the ONLY thing Marley wore while watching cartoons.
I snapped this picture and she said "MOM! Did you just take a picture of my bootie?!" and I said..."Don't worry sweetie - I'll crop it out".

Luckily she put on some clothes with her purple boots before going to Dance Class.
A cupcake barrette, polka dotted hoodie, and a butterfly bag.
YOu have to be covered up to enter/leave the dance studio.
And hair must be in a neat bun with barrettes.

Pouring Rain.

Done with class.
A green star sticker and a cherry sucker.

I had "text" with AmberNichole yesterday.
I love our randomness.
Love her.

Wal-Mart was taking back some handlebars for Jude's
scooter that didn't fit, milk, and some things for dinner.

Dinner was baked nachos with fat free refried beans topped with some lettuce, chives, and jalapenos. (pronounced Juh-lop-uh-nose). Sean handled dinner while Sandler and I practiced writing the letter "M". Jude played Super Mario 3, and Marley-Jane went back and forth to everyone.

I chickened out again with a Zumba picture.
But here is my empty Sobe water with plain water and an ice stick I took.
I met a friend there and we had a blast.
This is a late class (815!) So my nightly routine changed just a bit.

Sandler's medicine.
Zantac and Pepcid.
My middle can't do-uh the spicey.

Into bed an hour late.
Actually two hours late - because I fell asleep watching SYTYCD.
Nigh. Nigh.

7 people took the time to say:

tara pp said...

I am loving your days! You are doing better than me at taking the camera out!

Knoxville Senior Portraits said...

I love this
i have to do this.
i need to document my life
it's FLASHING by me :(

erika said...

I am SO glad you're doing this w/ us. I love the labels...and that Jude is wiping his hands on his pants like mine do.
MJ's hoodie ♥
Nachos for dinner = one of my boys favs.
tell me again why we don't live closer to each other?! xxxx

Kim said...

Sorry, as a native Californian I had to comment: it's pronouced HAL-A-PE-NYOS. I love your blog though and I apologize if that came across as rude.

Ashley Wren said...

of course thats how its pronounced.
i just think its fun to say:
its all in fun, and in no way to be taken seriously.

Laila said...

Meet my new love Zantac! hahahha...
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kanishk said...

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