A Week in the Life. Monday. Day 1. 09142009

My amazing friends Erika and Tara decided to do AE's popular challenge where you document a week in your life. Your routine, the big things, the little things. I decided to play along. We made a rule though - we have to scrap it. :) Randoms not documented with a picture include: The True Blood finale, Pippi Longstocking playing while Marley colored, Jude telling us about a kid @ the gym with hemophilia so they had to stop throwing their paper airplanes, Sandler saying he's "zausted" (exhausted) leftovers for dinner.
Bento boxes for the boys. The blue one is Sandler's, and the yellow one Jude's. I pride myself on getting most of the morning school stuff done before I go to bed the night before. That includes signing papers, packing lunches, laying clothes out and even having a breakfast plan. It definitely makes for smoother and less grumpy mornings.
Morning Coffee. Yes. Absolutely necessary. Something that still after all these years I look forward to. Three equals and a splash of English Almond Toffee creamer. Sundays are my husband Sean's only day off. So he likes to completely just chill. Or "chillax" as he calls it. Now, you must realize that Sean's idea of relaxing and my idea of relaxing are different. Sean likes to get up really early, take a shower, read through cookbooks for an hour or so, and create a menu for the day. He makes a grocery list on his iPhone, takes one of the kids and goes grocery shopping for the things he needs. He comes home - puts on an apron and proceeds to cook & bake all day. His mom does the same exact thing on Sundays. We are southern born and raised - and I get the family to eat pretty dang healthy for the rest of the week but on Sundays Sean goes back to his roots. Roast, Fried Chicken, or something else really deliciously bad for you. So Monday mornings - I reap the consequences of all of Sean's cooking and baking. Lots and Lots O' Dirty Dishes.
I love texting - and I love my iPhone. The above shot is Sean and I
discussing Kanye West and Obama. We are so random.

When Marley-Jane wakes up she MUST have her strawberry milk.
Its her coffee. Instant Toddler add Strawberry milk.
While I do daily household chores Marley colors and draws. All three of my childWren are constantly drawing and coloring. Blank Paper, Coloring books, Mazes etc. This goldfish bowl of crayons is NEVER put away. Its a main sight here in our house.
Sean works at the post office - actually two different jobs at the post office. He goes in @ 4am and doesn't get off until around 5pm. So around 9 or 10 when he has been there for 5 or 6 hours he gets hungry & thirsty. So occasionally he we call and ask for us to bring him a soda, water, or a snack (or all the above) to his work. Sometimes the run to the Pilot station are the push Marley and I need to get out of jammies and get some errands run.

While we were out we did our recycling. I am so glad our community brought back this Recycling Center. They closed it for awhile, and that was a pain in my asphalt.
So now its super convenient.

After the Recycling, Mar & I ran into Wal-Greens to get some vitamins for me - and a little Wal-Greens tradition is a new nail polish. I begged her to go with the turquoise in her left hand but of course she want with an electric pink. Surprisingly she didn't already have it.

After having been out and about we came home and
had some lunch and I cut coupons.
Marley had a nap after lunch she requested to lay on my bed and watch "Mon-Srinch" which is oddly enough what she calls the Jim Carrey version of "The Grinch That Stole Christmas". So while she was sleeping I did a few things on my to-do list. Worked out a few details on Julian's 9th birthday party, contacted a few more online colleges, and probably spent too much time to on Facebook.
There is a bit of a gap here in photos because I forgot to take my camera. I woke Marley up from her nap @ around 1245 because it was time to go and get Sandler from Kindergarten. The buses here in Knoxville don't run for Kindergarten because it gets out @ 1. He rides TO school on the bus but I go and get him. At first I was bummed that I had to wait in that insanely long line and drive all the way out to his school each day. But I soon realized that I freaking ADORE this time with Sandler. Its like I have him for 2 whole hours before the chaos that comes when all three childWren are united at 3. I love making him a snack and watching him practicing his letters and talk about his day. I had to actually go and get Jude from school because the nurse called saying he was extremely exhausted and had a headache. (I get this call as soon as I pulled up in the driveway from getting Sandler...so I had to turn around and go all the way back. Their school is not too close.)
When I got the kids all settled in with a snack, medicine for Jude and a DVR'd Scooby Doo Made for TV movie I got a little bit of scrapping done. It was a little project for an upcoming class for a cool friend.
After the kids had chilled out for a bit went to the awesome theater where Jude will have his birthday party. I paid the deposit, Marley & Sandler glamoured the ushers, and I snapped this shot of the movie poster. This is going to be a super cool party. Fo sho.
After the theater it was time for my Zumba class. I actually took my camera but left in the car because I chickened out taking the photo I wanted of the Zumba class. Maybe I will get the courage for tomorrow's class. So I snapped this self portrait w/my cell phone to document not only that I went but that I hate my face right now. What am I 15?
When I got home from the gym Sean was home and had worked 14 hours. He kindly asked me to go get him some beer and I gladly went to the store for him. I went in to Wal-Mart to get beer and filled the grocery cart with: 2 flavored waters, Diet Coke, garbage bags, granola bars, cubed cheese, mini bagels, muffin mix, Craisins, bacon and juice boxes. I totally should have gotten a basket.I love, love, love story time @ night with my childWren. They all clean and snug in bed with jammies on. Normally Dora, dragons and Bakugan. There are lots of accents, gestures and interruptions on their part. Marley goes to story hour each Thursday @ the local Library and I fill my bag with new books for the week. Sometimes we get books that the boys give thumbs down to, sometimes we get ones that are so great that I end up buying. Last night we read the two books above and the kids really liked them.
Kisses for all - and lights out.
I washed my face (did I mention I HATE IT RIGHT NOW?) with Proactiv, crawled into bed and finished the VMAs with Sean who hadn't seen it.
Night Night.
This is the current Wallpaper on my phone.
Just thought I'd add it to reflect the right now.

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pakosta said...

wow! busy day!!! I love how you get the details! that was my focus for today, but somehow we woke up a little later and it just seemed we all moved slower than usual. Savannah took a few pix this morning. oh and don't feel bad, I am 38 and my face looks like a teenager half the time. I tried proactiv, NOTHING works!!!
You are beautiful so it doesn't even matter!!! You are looking GREAT girl! so proud of you!
LOVE that you did this week in the life with us!

Vanessa said...

My Baby Daddy hahha I love you!

erinrwillis said...

Love this - what a neat project! I'd really like to do something like this....and oh yeah, I put "The Lovely Bones" on hold at the library. I also asked my mom if she wanted to come to the book club meeting. I think she might.

erika said...

you are beautiful.
and I LOVE this peek.

kristy.lynn said...

i work full time and don't get that much done in one week. kudos girlie. and if your challenge means more blogging i'm happy :)

xobellaaimox said...

omg i am having the same problem with my face. i don't know what the heck is going on... never had this problem before... must... fix...! maybe i should try proactiv??

Anonymous said...

Oh where oh where did you get that Pokemon Bento? It is the nicest one I've seen.

I'm enjoying your blog. You like a lot of the same sites I do.