A Week in the Life. Tuesday. 091509. The Words.

Strawberry Milk & Marley's doll "Zoe Purple".
The Frigid-air.
Make Beds.
Organize Toybox. (Goodwill, Sandler's Classroom's Treasure Box, Ebay)
Bing & Marley's Bedroom Door.
Colorful Marley. (She had just taken off her tap shoes.)
Fresh Painted Nails.
Checking the mail - (I do this everday when backing out of the driveway to get Sandler)
Filling up.
Waiting in the "lovely" kindergarten line. (Chatted with mom, brought along book club's book selection)
Bingie and his crooked smile.
Bing's socks & shoes...every single day when we get home and walk in the front door he takes them off and falls into the floor.
Homework & Snack. (Leftover French Toast sticks for Bing & PB bagel, cubed cheese, & carrots for Marley)
My one a day vitamin.
Waiting on Jude to get off the bus.
Jude's home - along with his "fortune teller". REMEMBER THESE?? I picked 1 & 1 and it read "I would get married!" That thing is amazing!
Unload the dishwasher.
Put homework and all things paper back into their backpacks ready for tomorrow.
(I love those Scholastic order forms - I remember being so jazzed when they handed out this fresh new books in class. I order "The Pigeon books by Mo Willems" for Sandler
Random Treasures from cleaning up. (Legos, a Ring, a Hot Wheel)
Bowl in the middle of the island (Avacado thats Sean's, apple thats Jude's, bell pepper for dinner)
Sean wearing said bowl. (So mature that one)
Bell Peppers & Onions sliced for dinner
Sandler trying the steak strips he just knew he would gag on. (but loved of course.)
He is my ONLY picky eater!
Proactiv - I hate my face.
Baths, Toothbrushes, Bed time books and snuggles.
Carrot Cake
& Hell's Kitchen.

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